Welcome to People Plan

What is People Plan?


People Plan is an HR (human resources) consultancy service based in Norfolk. 


It's a small company with a large network and is ideally suited to working with small and SME businesses, and with larger organisations on projects.  Services are offered across the UK.


About us

What does People Plan do?


People Plan delivers a range of business focused and value for money services in these areas:


  • employee development - training, competence and learning
  • human resources - HR and personnel; the whole package
  • organisational development - planning, strategy and analysis
  • anxiety management - shining a light on a misunderstood condition to help businesses and their people
  • workplace dispute resolution - mediation, communication initiatives and other interventions


Our services

So what's the Plan?


People Plan aims to help businesses meet their:


  • responsibilities to 
  • plans for


their employees.


It does this through the delivery of professional, fairly priced consultancy services.


This is how we do it


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